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If your machine runs Mavericks, it will run Yosemite - but Helvetica Neue slimline look doesn't suit lower resolutions.This is a change with Retina screens in mind, it seems.Maverick's Lucida Grande is out and in comes Helvetica Neue (just like in i OS 7).We like it - although you may not like it quite as much on an older Mac.But it didn’t take long for the Dashboard to stagnate and its deprecation has been long coming.

Widgets were useful, though, and they live in a prettier, more compact form in Yosemite's Notification Centre.We tested general processing speed, graphical processing, real-world gaming performance and more.And the answer is that yes, upgrading to Yosemite could slow down your Mac, but probably not by much.Then there's more transparency is Yosemite than in Mavericks. You can see more of your other apps or the desktop through toolbars.There's still a sense of 3D, but it's all about depth in Yosemite.

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