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A jury found Defendant Christopher Mora responsible for Christina's death, and convicted him based on the following facts presented at trial.

Defendant and Andrea Garcia, the mother of Christina Sierra, began dating in September 1993.

Garcia then went to take a shower, leaving Christina in Defendant's care.

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She always wanted to stay in the stroller, I don't know.” These statements conflicted with Defendant's testimony at trial that Christina had been asleep all morning.

Freedman, Boyd, Daniels, Hollander, Guttman & Goldberg, P.

A., Nancy Hollander, Albuquerque, for Defendant-Appellant. Tom Udall, Attorney General, Elizabeth Blaisdell, Assistant Attorney General, Santa Fe, for Plaintiff-Appellee.

Garcia proceeded to take a lengthy shower of approximately twenty to twenty-five minutes.

When Garcia emerged from the bathroom, according to Garcia's testimony, Garcia saw Defendant walking down the hall with Christina apparently asleep on his shoulder.

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