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The driver’s door opened and a man with a cowboy hat jumped down and rushed toward her with an angry frown on his weathered face.“JESUS CHRIST YOUNG LADY,” he said in a high state of agitation, “WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?He knew about the Seeders and heard of them raping young women.SHIT, he thought, knowing that any kind of involvement in this weird community could get him into trouble with these unexplainable people.The long blast of an air horn from the looming made her want to run but she stood waving her arms more violently.Closing her eyes she heard the squeal of juddering tires and smelled the smoke of hot rubber.

Even though they had driven hundreds of miles and were even in a different state she still feared that the cult would catch up with them.

“Get into the cab Missy,” he said, consternation written all over his face, “Climb into the upper bunk behind the seats and pull the curtain tight.

That’ll get you through Eldorado.” Giving it more thought he continued, “I have to make a delivery in San Angelo. By then maybe I’ll have collected my wits enough to figure out what I am going to do with you.” It was two days after he picked her up.

When the girl scurried out of the culvert and stood in the middle of the highway flagging him down, he knew by her long, curly hair and the way she was dressed and that she was an FLDS girl—quite possibly married.

He’d heard about attempted escapes before but heard that none of them had succeeded.

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