Is updating my ipod software good

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Generally, when i Phone releases a new update, the new update will be automatically downloaded on your i OS devices when connecting to Wi-Fi.

Anyways, how to delete i OS update (even delete i OS 11 update) on your i Phone/i Pad/i Pod Touch so as to save storage space or just avoid these nagging pop-ups and notifications? Most i OS users want to delete i OS update because update would occupy much storage space.

They believe deleting i OS 10.3/11 update would provide more space for favorite contents.

After you’ve created a unique code, tap “Enable Restrictions.” You have a slew of different options here that I’ll mostly leave up to you to decide as the family tech leader.

The ones I strongly recommend are: * Turning off “In-App Purchases.” * Setting “Require Password” to “Immediately” so there’s no purchases that are not parent sanctified.

With advanced scanning and operating technologies, 1-click on i My Fone i OS Cleaner make the cleaning process easy and simple and with all the hidden useless files cleanned up, your i OS will run much more faster. Download the install i My Fone i OS Cleaner on your Computer.

Note: This guide is all about saving money in repurposing something that’s aged into a glorious entertainment/educational machine so in most cases you won’t need to buy or sell anything at all. There’s a slight chance depending on the age of your phone and its condition that Gazelle will give you more money for your phone than it would cost to get a brand new i Pod Touch.

There are some services and products that you might use to go the extra mile and in those cases I’m using my own affiliate links (meaning I earn a small commission if you use my link.) My links are the same price as on the sites, so if you do use them, thank you! In that rare case the choice is clear, trade in the phone and pick up the i Pod after you receive your payment back from Gazelle. For example: My wife’s i Phone 4s looked like this at the end of its days: Hop over to Gazelle and click through their easy options (Verizon, 16GB, Broken/Cracked) and see this: Pretty easy decision for us. Some resources to help you with this decision: I recommend checking Gazelle because in my opinion, they’ll give you the quickest access to a quote at market value, but there are other quality options including Apple and Amazon.

It will not be strange for most i Device users of the constant irritating reminders and pop-ups of i OS software updates, especially when your i Phone/i Pad connecting to Wi-Fi.

However, i Phone, i Pad or i Pod Touch users sometimes do not want to install the updates for full storage space or the existing i OS system is great for them.

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