Did michael cera dating ellen page

And doesn’t the entire process of being outed by someone else imply that being gay is something to be ashamed about in the first place? Maybe this is kind of asking too much of modern celebrities.

If you’re going to trade off your public fame for profit and adulation, maybe people deserve to know every detail of your private life, including your sexuality? I mean, as much as I like – okay, LOVE – the titillation factor of knowing Ellen Page has slept with a Charlie’s Angel, I didn’t to know it. (Except maybe the documentary she narrated about how all the bees were dying.

The naturalist feel of the actor's performances also gives the film a sense of being there with the characters as they charm the audience with their whimsy.

Juno is bold and smart and is always entertaining and comfortable.

Ellen Page is the stand-out, shining in every scene and showing that there is a little bit of Juno in all of us.

She has spunk, heart and plenty of humour making her one of the best written and acted young female roles to ever grace the screen.

People live in the closet for many reasons, some of them maybe more unfounded than others. Now let’s look at some pretty pictures of Ellen Page.

After a stint in a mental institution, former teacher Pat Solitano moves back in with his parents and tries to reconcile with his ex-wife.

I’m not ashamed to admit I briefly considered purchasing Marie Claire for this feature. I don’t know what kind of face Clea Du Vall is pulling here. Why can’t I just hug a woman with my legs in friendship? I always knew that wasn’t a Madonna-Britney staged kiss. Let’s ignore Ellen Page’s totally awkward centre parting. All in all, this is an outfit that screams, “I totally sleep with women and also, I condition my hair every day.” If you can’t tell, I’m slightly nonplussed by Page’s outing. What with the Saturday Night Live skits where she screamed things like, “Why does everything have to have a frickin’ label? AND IT INCLUDES LOTS OF LADIES LIKE DREW BARRYMORE AND CLEA DU VALL. I like how the Bieber outfit is offset by her flowing locks. It’s not your place to force someone out the closet, no matter your reasons for doing so. ” If Page was ever in a closet, it was one that was pretty much made of glass.It is this attention to detail that makes Reitman's direction succeed with ease.The performances from the ensemble all serve as excellent portraits of Diablo Cody's characters, managing to bring the right amount of warmth to each part.

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