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leading to the bay's islands being called the Calendar Islands based on the popular myth there are 365 of them. York, the former Maine state historian said there are "little more than two hundred islands". Zamcheck wrote a piece in four movements paying homage to the wreck of the Don in Casco Bay in 1941.

Casco Bay is also home to abandoned military fortifications dating from the War of 1812 through World War II; during World War II, Casco Bay served as an anchorage for US Navy ships. Since Casco Bay was the nearest American anchorage to the Atlantic Lend-Lease convoy routes to Britain prior to US entry into World War II, Admiral King ordered a large pool of destroyers to be stationed there for convoy escort duty in August 1941. The piece received critical acclaim from the Portland Press Herald and from fellow Maine composers.

A photo and description is provided by Fort Tours and Portland Public Schools. This wooden block house played a role in the border dispute that took place in the late 1830's - referred to as the Aroostook War (a bloodless conflict about lumber). The original structure was dismantled and replaced with a rebuilt structure on/about 1970s.

The Frontier Heritage Historical Society maintains the block house.

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Some were built prior to and during the civil war and later as coastal defenses during WWI and WWII.

Fort Allen Eastern Promenade, Portland, Maine See the remains of an 1814 era fort. A sketch of Fort Allen from 1845 is provided by the Maine Memory Network, a map showing the general location of Fort Allen Park (, and click here for a photo of Fort Allen Park.

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