Dating astrology scorpios

Ladies, if you are interested in dating a Scorpio man, do not be overly sentimental, he hates the gushy romance part of dating.

You have to be sensitive and non-critical of his ways in the relationship because he is easily hurt.

The best relationship advice for dating a Scorpio male is get ready to go with the flow and have fun being seduced by him and watch out for that voracious sex drive, and at the end, he will always treat you like a lady, not just his property; he wants you to remember him forever and be mesmerized by his seductive allure - a fun experience while it lasts!

And that is why regardless of your compatibility with Scorpio, every woman should date a Scorpio man at one point in their lives.

Scorpios could always have a great deep discussion with Geminis.

Scorpio men are very emotional and sensitive but this is hidden under a solid exterior.Scorpios are analytical and meditative, and ponder data to create a realistic plan; self-deception is not something a Scorpio does.The Scorpio is secretive and intense, though their careful approach to planning and action can appear as a lack of intensity. A creative dreamer with an original personality and a very vivid imagination.Dating a Scorpio is a slow process, trust is built up over time because he never naturally trusts anyone. Once the dating relationship has gotten more intimate (not sexually but emotionally) then he will let some of his true feelings show. Scorpio men do not like to compromise so you will have to.They like to be the leaders so for all the independent controlling women out there - you'll have to let him have the power in the dating relationship (he's a good leader, he knows what he's doing, everything he does if for a reason so you don't have to worry about pointless outings and stupid boring dates).

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