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The Child Maintenance Service takes shared care into account in different ways depending on the paying parents child maintenance rate.

Shared care applies if the paying parent provides overnight care for at least 52 nights per year before a liability will be reduced.

It can be the quickest and easiest way of arranging child maintenance, and we call it a family-based arrangement.

These arrangements are made without involving the Child Maintenance Service or needing to disclose personal information to a third party.

The pair made no attempt to hide their inappropriate antics, as they continued to grope and fondle each other on the public service.

Shared care is then taken into account, based on the number of nights of shared care for each child.

Your partner and his ex would need to agree together who will provide what for their children.

There are no strict rules or formulas that they have to stick to when agreeing a payment amount.

If child maintenance is set at Flat rate because the paying parents income is 100 a week or less, the Child Maintenance Service does not take shared care into account at all.

This means the amount of child maintenance would not change.

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